Put shoe fitting first!​

We can’t overstate the importance of correct shoe fitting! A massive proportion of foot problems which arise later in life, are caused by wearing ill fitting shoes as a child. And with fewer than a third of children having an “average” fitting, foot measurement and correct fitting are vital.

Your child’s foot is a masterpiece!

Your child’s foot, however tiny, is already a masterpiece – it has 200,000 nerve endings, 28 bones, 33 joint centres and 17 ligaments! It deserves some serious nurture.

That’s why we select our shoes from reputable manufacturers who between them cover the full range of foot shapes and sizes, and why wherever possible we stock shoes in all half sizes and width fittings.

Feet grow, on average, two full sizes (18mm) a year until four or five years of age when growth starts to slow down. (Although feet don’t stop developing until children are as old as 18!) Growth is intermittent and its rate varies from one person to another so regular measurement checks are important. We’re always happy to check the fit of your child’s current shoes – just call in together at The Shoe Station any day of the week during opening hours!

Shoe sizes can be challenging!

As two mothers ourselves (with 7 children between us) we understand that taking the children to buy new shoes can be a challenging experience! At The Shoe Station all of the staff are fully trained not only to fit your baby’s or child’s shoes properly, but also to make it a fun experience for all concerned.

Most importantly, we are confident that your child will leave the Shoe Station feeling happy about wearing a correctly fitted pair of shoes!

Shoe Sizes Simplified at the Shoe Station »

Shoe shopping would be a lot easier for parents if shoes from all the different manufacturers fitted in exactly the same way, but as you’ve probably already discovered, they don’t. In the same way that clothing sizes differ between brands, so do the size, width and fit of shoes. This is because the materials and the style of the shoe play a part in the overall fit of the footwear.

And with British, American and Continental suppliers all working to different sizing systems, this whole subject can be a minefield. We’re here to help!