Sigg WMB One Dive 0.6L



Sigg WMB One Dive 0.6L

Discover the under-water world with our new SIGG WMB ONE bottle and always stay hydrated. The high-quality, recyclable aluminum drinking bottle is extremely easy to transport and is equally suited for both school and leisure activities. The material is free of harmful chemicals, such as BPA, estrogen-mimicking substances and phthalates – for a safer drinking experiance! The innovative One lid makes the bottle especially convenient: carry, open, drink, close and seal easily with just one hand. Are you ready for the next adventure?

SIGG of Switzerland’s goal is to take care of the environment. That is why they offer a huge range of  sustainable alternatives to traditional disposable bottles. They haven’t just been doing this since the latest UN climate report, but for over 100 years. At SIGG, tradition and innovation go hand in hand – their drinking bottles have cult status and are always setting new standards. Even in times of change, they remain true to their values and focus on quality, innovation, design and environmental awareness.

At The Shoe Station, we have a wide range of SIGG and other brand water bottles. Although, only a small range is featured here on our website. If you’re looking for a particular product or would like more information please leave us a message or call us on 020 8940 9905.


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