Pizza Time Modelling Dough Set



Pizza Time Modelling Dough Set

The Lovin™ Pizza Time Modelling Dough Modelling Set is the perfect way to engage your little ones in a world of imaginative play. Designed to inspire creativity and develop fine motor skills, this set promises hours of fun and learning. Say goodbye to messy playtime! Lovin™ Pizza Time Modelling Dough Modelling Set is specifically designed to be clean and mess-free. The non-sticky, easy-to-mold dough ensures that your child’s creative exploration stays contained and hassle-free.

  • Includes: two cups of tricoloured modelling dough, plastic spatula with prints of pizza ingredients, pizza cutter, and instructions.
  • Size: H 25cm W 18cm D 7.5cm
  • Age 3+
  • Clean and mess-free

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