Maped 30cm Twist n Flex Ruler



Maped 30cm Twist n Flex Ruler

Maped 30cm colourful and fun ruler. Twist’n Flex is an unbreakable range of soft and flexible products by Maped that is easy to twist without breaking. Additionally, ideal for children who fiddle! Innovative, safe design. Phthalate-free.

At The Shoe Station, we have a wide range of stationery with only a small range featured here on our website. Therefore, if you’re looking for a particular product or would like more information please leave us a message or call us on 020 8940 9905.

Maped is a family-owned French company which has spent 70 years basing its development on its industrial expertise, culture of innovation and ability. As a result, to react in order to offer its customers effective, profitable solutions.


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