Funtime Gifts Micro Bricks Arcade Game


A pocket-sized arcade machine containing 26 classic games


Funtime Gifts Micro Bricks Arcade Game

Have a great time with Funtime Gifts Micro Arcade Game. There’s an impressive  total of 25,000 gaming levels across 26 games, 99 levels and 10 difficulty settings.

  • This game is pocket-sized to take on the challenge wherever you go!
  • Variations of the game favourites such as block building, tile-matching, tank wars and more
  • Great for the whole family to try!

Suitable for ages 3+

We have a wide range of Funtime Gifts at The Shoe Station, although only a small range is featured here on our  website. If you’re looking for a particular product or would like more information please leave us a message or call us on 020 8940 9905.

Additional information

Dimensions 4.5 × 1.5 × 4.5 cm


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