Asmodee Dobble Junior



Asmodee Dobble Junior

Now you can double the Dobble fun! Asmodee Dobble Junior comes with not one, but two of the beloved Dobble tins. One features Dobble Food, and the other is Dobble Fantasia. The premise is the same across both tins: can you find a match across two cards?

Dobble is all about who has the fastest reactions. Despite this version of Dobble having ‘Junior’ in the title, don’t think that makes it easier for adults! Children can win Dobble, just as easy as their older opponents! On every circular card lies six different items. There’s always only one matching symbol between any two cards. When you spot one, you have to shout and claim it!

Suitable for ages 4+

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Weight 0.68 kg
Dimensions 33.7 × 5.7 × 22.9 cm


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